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SineScreen’s mission is to provide a platform for filmmakers and film enthusiasts to celebrate the art of cinema. We offer a new outlet for fresh, ambitious, bourgeoning voices in film journalism and commentary to share their perspective and passion for the craft on an international and industrial scale.

We are looking to build relationships with a team of great contributors who will write regularly for the digital website – the printed magazine is commissioned separately according to the festival or event covered.

Tips for pitching

In your pitch, please mention your specific topic or title, the format, and outline your piece as succinctly as you can. We aim to respond to pitches as soon as possible.

It’s down to you to ensure that your copy is accurate (at the very least, re-read it and run it through a spellchecker!) and that all facts and dates are correct.

Please also ensure that film titles are correctly handled (either italicized or “In Quotation Marks”) throughout your piece. This saves us time and energy better spent on admiring your delightful prose.

If you’re a first time or unpublished writer, please send us your fully completed piece so we can get a sense of your writing style. Also send over a few samples or links to other works so that we can get a better idea of your writing level.

What we want

We’re extremely interested in pieces that discuss how film impacts and influences our lives, whether culturally, economically, politically, or socially. We want to know about emerging trends in cinema and “cool stuff” happening in the commercial and independent circuits. We want to know what that recurring teacup in the mise-en-scene means, and why a cinematographer has chosen yellow colouring. If you’re a filmmaker, we want to know about your successes, your struggles. If you just came from the movie house and want to go on a rant about Michael Bay’s latest blockbuster, feel free to send that over, too.

We’re looking for conversational, authentic tones with a fresh writing style. Think informal, but interspersed with film lingo and the occasional long word. (Kidding, use as many long words as you like!)

Your piece should leave the reader with something to contemplate, and/or with the burning desire to go and watch a film. Send us over any of the following:

  • Film and TV related infographics
  • Film lists or listicles (e.g. “Top 10 Hood Films of the ’90s”)
  • Short-form features
  • Long-form features
  • New technology
  • Film reviews, criticism, and analysis
  • Opinion pieces
  • Festival recaps
  • Commercial cinema news
  • How-to guides
  • Personal experiences
  • Interviews with those in the film industry
  • Behind the scenes (stills, facts, interviews)

Send your pitches to m.legarda@sinescreen.com.


SineScreen is an international film magazine that celebrates the craft of cinema. Printed copies of the magazine are available in printed format during film festivals covered by us.

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Want to write for us? Check out our guidelines and send over your pitches to m.legarda@sinescreen.com.